Wednesday 14 January 2015

'Status update - I've gone from Moist to 'kin soaking....'

I've just been to watch a friend play hockey.  Its currently pretty flipping windy and raining enough that despite my long jacket, I've got wet pants.  And socks.  And my car keys have got wet enough that they won't unlock my car.  As I'm watching my friend run round the hockey pitch, I'm glad that stood with my back to the wind, at least I'm partially dry.  Then I remembered watching Melons, trucks and angry dogs...

This is the final episode, you can find the others online.  The bit that stands out is the point at which the errr....better one of the two is riding up the Stelvio pass.  In similar conditions to what I've just been stood in.  Oh...

So now my attention is turned away from the thought of flash wheels and electronic gears to multiple layers of waterproof clothing.  And water proof socks.  And mudguards.  Yep - I need mudguards.

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