Wednesday 28 January 2015

Lots of different things

Bit of a Bitsa post this one, like the bike you build out of your parts box that ends up with an MTB crank set, road mech's and inline seatpost, just because you've got a set of tyres you want to use.

Firstly, Everesting.  A craze that seems to get mentioned quite a bit, it even has its own website now - Moody.  I was expecting grainy pictures, tattoo's and some sort of facial hair and looking at the shop pictures, I wasn't disappointed.  However, the challenge itself seems to fit right in with the mindset needed for the TCR so I think I should maybe have a punt.  Or at least try and increase my 'maximum height gained in a ride' record on Garmin Connect.  I think I'm at about 3000m for a ride so far, so that needs to be improved.  Its just living in the south east, I'm not sure I can face riding Box hill 97 times or whatever it is - not because of the climb but because of all the local hero's 'strava'ing' up it. Anyway, I'm being negative and I need to stop that - roll on finding a big hill eh!

Next subject - training, under training and over training.  Now, I know I'm a long way off over-training in the 'take six months off and do nothing' type of thing.  But I do wonder if after putting in a decent turbo session on say Tuesday night, I then repeat the session on Wednesday?  I'm conscious that I don't want to over do it too early on, but I managed a couple of big rides at the weekend, a turbo session last night and now questioning if I have the legs for another tonight.  I know its just under 6 months to go now so I need to start upping the mileage, but I also don't want to over do it and get ill.  Maybe a night off tonight and a big session tomorrow then....or maybe I should MTFU..

Bike - so I'm now dead set on using the Crap Dem.  However, there are a few teething issues. I need desperately to replace the nasty Project II steel fork with something a bit lighter and non-rusty.  However, carbon disc road forks that aren't tapered seem to be a bit like rocking horse poo, in that there aren't any.  Well, apart from a Ritchey one which is roughly a million pounds, or a Chinese version that, well...looks a bit moody.  So the search continues.  If I have to spend the money on the Ritchey then I will (at some point), but I'd rather not as I still don't know whether the frame will be suitable.  From memory it was pretty comfy, but at the time I was a lot fitter and less broken.  So maybe build up with the existing fork and see how I get on.....look at me ACTUALLY planning...

Finally, this blog has tripped over the 5000 view point.  Five Thousand.  Fair play to anyone reading, I bore myself so how you've managed it I have no idea.  I should celebrate somehow as I feel this is a momentous occasion - maybe I'll get the caffeinated Zero tabs rather than the plain ones....I KNOW!

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