Sunday 8 February 2015

Time for a change..or A Few home truths...

I looked in the mirror this morning.  Well, I say this morning - it was about 12.20pm but I had just got up.  Banging headache after too much gin last night, the reflection of myself only made my headache much worse.

Things are not really going to plan as I'd hoped.  Mega Mileage Feb hasnt even got off the ground, I've done nothing this week.  My diet is still poor - rubbish food and too much of it - and I'm still drinking.  But above all, I'm not riding my bike enough.

I've been reading other blogs and fellow entrants are doing MUCH more than me.  Not just sessions on the turbo or any sessions on the turbo.  Lots of long long rides and what have I done this weekend?  Nothing, at all.  Apart from celebrate my new job.  I've got about 5 months left now and I'm no where near where I need to be.  I don't have the bike sorted, I don't have sleeping arrangements sorted, kit, nutrition - any of it.  Christ, I'm struggling with anything more than 50 miles and I'm still fat.  In fact, maybe even fatter.

I need to start manning up - and probably doing less blogging - and getting out on the bike in the evenings.  Drivers round here are terrible, dangerous in fact but I can pick routes that are much more favourable to a cyclist at night and just get out there.  Its not like I don't have a batch of nice lights and decent gear - I'm just being lazy.  If I don't start doing this I'm going to be no where near where I need to be and Flanders will just be another place I pitch up to where I don't finish and embarrass myself.

I don't know what the solution is - I need to find my mojo for riding again.  And I need to be doing way more in the week.  And at the weekend - after this zero mileage weekend and fairly low miles last weekend its not looking good.

Less whinging, more riding.  I'm not happy and I need to do something about it so the plan below is what I intend to do this week

  • Monday - up early and ride to the closest station I can get to in an hour.  On the train, into work and shower/iron a shirt.  Same on the way home.  2 hrs
  • Tuesday - Normal start, swim at lunch then turbo session in the evening.  1.5 hrs
  • Wednesday - repeat Monday. 2hrs
  • Thursday - Repeat tuesday. 1.5 hrs
  • Friday - ride into work, then train home after the bike ban (7pm) - 2.5hrs
  • Saturday - 26 mile loop for recovery. 1.5 hrs
  • Sunday - 80 mile ride with local club.  3.5 hours

Week total: 14.5 hours

Its not anywhere near where I need to be, but its a start. Lets get through this and see where I stand at the end of it.

Milestones I want to reach
March - century ride to Lincoln from my mums.
April  - century ride each way on back to back days
May - a week of commuting the full distance by bike.

I also need to get a big week of back to back big rides in to test kit and see what I can do.  I'm thinking riding down through France and back. I have a months notice at work rather than the usual 3 and my new employer is happy to wait, so possibly a weeks unpaid leave between finishing and starting will give me what I need.  If I can afford a week without pay that is!

The big thing for me is that I look for the easy way out.  If the bike isn't set up on the turbo when I get home, I have an excuse to bin it off for another night.  If I don't have my kit lined up in the morning ready to just chuck the pannier on the bike, I'll bin it off and spend another hour in bed.  I'm massively lazy and a super procastinator so if theres an excuse, I'll grab it with both podgy hands.

Speaking of podgy hands, diet.  I need to start properly looking at what I'm eating as when I'm not sucking it in, I've got a right gut on me now.  I'm always guilty of eating utter shite in the week that's quick to cook, that doesn't fill me up then I supplement with toast and other stuff that just adds weight.  So I need to cook properly, but smaller portions.  I need to get some tupperware so I can box up left overs and reheat rather than resorting to another ready meal.  Make's me feel dirty even typing ready meal.  And no booze - no if's, no buts - booze is now a no show.

I don't need to spend any money doing the above.  I can't buy the fitness I need and I already have everything I need to accomplish it.  I just need to get my finger out of my arse and get on with it.  Otherwise I have to seriously consider that I won't be ready for July and call it now.  Which is something I'm not prepared to let happen.

Angry Kitch yeah!

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