Wednesday 11 February 2015

Not too bad...

...How do

So, after my mini meltdown the other night, I've pushed on to try and make amends.  So far this week I'm sticking to the plan.  Turbo sessions have been turbo'd, swim sessions have been swimmed (?) and I'm starting to feel a bit more like I'm making some headway into it.  Albeit still a long way off.

I've handed my notice in at work today and its been agreed that remaining holiday can be used up by taking each friday off.  So quieter roads, hopefully some half decent weather and some big routes are planned.  Additionally, between starting the new job and finishing the old, I can take a week out (I didn't agree that with anyone by the way, just decided on it - like a boss!) so I've got BIG things planned for that week.  I don't know what those BIG THINGS are, but they're going to be BIG.  Good, glad I've cleared that up.

On the bike front - I've still not managed to go get the Crap Dem from my mums so I'm sat here looking at a group set and wheels with nothing to hang them on.  I bought a Di2 group set ages ago, stripped off a bike sat in my mate Rob's shop.  I'm currently weighing up the idea of using it, although cables being snagged and batteries going flat does worry me somewhat.   I can always get another battery if needed and the shifts are sooooo smooth I think its a gamble worth taking.  What this also means is that I'll need to shave all the unneeded mounts off the Crap Dem and drill a few holes to feed the cables through - yes I could use an external kit but I've used one of those before and it looks a bit messy.

I toyed with the idea of trying to find a frame a bit more current - see one of my previous posts - but to be honest, unless I want a cross bike I'm a bit limited.  Add in the need for Di2 compatibility and you've got an even smaller group to choose from.  I could go custom but thats muchos expensive and I'm a bit off custom.  There's a local brand who've started making a proper disc road bike but its a bit of an unknown quantity which is the last thing I need - they're not due for delivery until end of March by which point I'm cutting it a bit fine.  I say that. but its only 6 weeks away but even so I'd rather get something sorted soon.  The other thing worth a mention is that the Crap Dem is a standard 1 1/8 head tube, where as all carbon disc forks bar the Ritchey one seem to be tapered.  What to do....1st world problems eh....

Hour session on the turbo tonight watching a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy.  Which is possibly the best turbo TV ever, mainly because you don't need to know/hear what they're saying to understand what's going on.  House of Cards wouldn't work nearly as well.  I also choose not to switch the fan on as I like to sweat it all out, makes me feel like I'm trying harder.  It also means I'm destroying the paint on the bed room floor boards, but again I think that adds Man Points.  Anything destroyed by sweat is man points - bar tape, headset bearings, paint - its all fair game.

I'm procrastinating again so best I don the lycra (old stuff, relegated to turbo duties) and get on it.  Outstanding....

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